Heartbreak Hotel

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The exclusive Film about Gay Marriage: Five newlywed gay couples in HEARTBREAK HOTEL! Felix and Kai are so horny that even on the way to Honeymoon Hotel they can’t keep their hands out of each other’s pants and fuck on the hood of their ”wedding carriage”. Behind them a romantic backdrop of picture-perfect cornfields, while adventure and excitement lie ahead. Peer and Mats, another newlywed couple, arrive. They start right away on the hotel bellboy, Max, plugging up his mouth and arse with their XXL parts until he doesn’t know which sexy guest called for room service in the first place. On their wedding night, the husbands go their separate ways, stalking the dark hotel, down corridors, kitchen and bedrooms, fucking everyone’s wedding partner but their own! The next morning in Honeymoon Hotel, the other hotel guests meet up in the group shower, going at each other with their throbbing morning hard-ons. Mats has to put out when he meets the charming pricks Christophe and Felix. And Christophe had just plugged up David’s greedy hole the night before while their husbands were going at it in the bar. After all the cat fights that are sure to follow, everyone ends up married again – to someone else!

That’s the way to make gay marriage fun!

Heartbreak Hotel Marco Rochelle and Kai Marsden
15.05.2008 16 minutes

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Heartbreak Hotel Tony Vella, Felix Groth, Christoph Blanc & Mats Riem
15.03.2007 22 minutes

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Heartbreak Hotel David Chelsea and Christoph Blanc
07.02.2008 15 minutes
Tags: Cumshot, Sucking

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Heartbreak Hotel Anthony Spell and Norbert Thorm
14.02.2008 15 minutes

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Heartbreak Hotel Peer Nagel, Mats Riem and Max Schneider
01.03.2007 23 minutes

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