Model Check

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13x fresh meat in 100 minutes! Cazzo receives new applications from all over Europe every day. And since you can’t always trust photos alone the most interesting prospective candidates are flown in for a casting weekend to Berlin. The camera starts running immediately: Horny men from all over Europe are tested for their on-camera presence and fucking abilities. While the candidates jerk off, Cazzo performer Florian either shoves his cock down their throats or a dildo up their arses. If they pass the first test they are sent to the next step for the fuck check.

After an interview and a solo scene on the first day, on the second we throw them into groups of two or three to get down to the business of having sex in front of the camera.

Christian and Dominik are naturals – Dominik rams his long tool deep up Christian’s willing arse. Rock-hard cocks, horny sex and looking good for the camera – just what the director ordered! Skinhead bloke Michel has an even fatter cock, which is just what the small Irishman Leon needs. And three Latinos made the cut – Martin has a gigantic dick, his partner looks like a young Brad Pitt, and muscle stud Jos run riot in a three-way. It’s amazing – these beginners fuck just like the pros.

Model Check Leon Hardy and Michel Delaunay
16.10.2008 9 minutes

Skinhead bloke Michel has a fat cock, which is just what the small Irishman Leon needs.<br>Read more

Model Check Michel Delaunay and Florian Manns
25.09.2008 8 minutes

Model Check 5<br>Read more

Model Check Leon Hardy and Florian Manns
28.08.2008 8 minutes

Model Check 4<br>Read more

Model Check Dominik and Christian Herzog
31.08.2008 11 minutes

Dominik rams his long tool deep up Christian’s willing arse.<br>Read more

Model Check Domink and Florian Manns
21.08.2008 6 minutes

Florian shoves his cock down Dominik´s throat.<br>Read more