Aymeric, AJ and Alberto
Alberto Esposito vs Aymeric Deville vs Aj Alexander

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Alberto and Aymeric are just about to paint their Berlin apartment when they are overcome by lust. Alberto grabs his buddy's leg and then heaves him onto the ladder to have him exactly where he needs him.
With relish he peels him out of his clothes and sticks his fat cock in his mouth. Greedy, he licks his nuts until the juice runs into his face. Now Aymeric also snaps to his buddy's meat stud. The hard club skin the bald head left and right one in the mouth until he mercilessly thrusts it into his throat.
When changing positions, the ladder stays in the focus of the two buddies. Aymeric rises up and presents his ass. Alberto pokes his tongue in and licks his hole. He then sticks his ass to his asshole and shagging him through as if there were no tomorrow. Leaning against the window, he shouts out the lust so that everyone can hear him on the market place below. AJ Alexander suddenly enters the apartment and wants to mingle with the hot game.
Alberto is ready. He grabs his hairy pig and forces him into the sweaty hole. But the cock is not the only thing that disappears in this session in Alberto's cunt.

AJ puts on black rubber gloves over and struggles with his fingers the way into Alberto's greasy cunt and into his steamy ass grotto. Barely in it he fists the hole on him as only a real professional can. When the guys finally squirt their white sauce, their bodies sparkle full of hot men's juice.

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