Alberto Esposito vs Devian Rouge
Alberto Esposito vs Devian Rogue

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In the distance, the Berlin TV tower towers like a gigantic hard cock in the sky, as the tattooed Alberto and his muscular guy Devian go into the second round on the beautiful Berger roof terrace. Alberto wants more in his already filled ass, which Devian understands as an immediate invitation to lick his pussy with subsequent fisting. Mercilessly the pig sticks the fist into the intestines of the Italian in the turbo-staccato, acknowledged with loud cries from the bearded Italian. Then Alberto turns the action around, and much more: In his turn, he splits Devian with his bare cock. Always wilder they fuck each other and sweat like the pigs they are. Devian takes Alberto's hole again and drills his fist even deeper into it. Over and over again, the two have to pour cold water over to avoid fainting in the heat. Even Devian loves the feel of Alberto's fist in his greedy ass-track and moans to the Berlin sky. These two swines deliver a fuck session as hot as the Summer afternoon.

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