Arschgeil Aybars and Tomy Hawk
Aybars & Tomy Hawk

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Dark and hairy Aybars is a real looker with his dashing moustache. No one can resist when he lets loose with his charms. Even butch Tomy is drawn willingly to Aybars´ sexy lips. Aybars shows him what´s up and pushes Tomy to his knees so he can give him a good oral reaming.

Then he licks out Tomy´s muscle butt until it opens up nicely. Aybars lovingly fucks the wet, soft hole, pulling his dick out all the way and pushing it back in deep, till he remarkably tattooed stud melts away. Aybars splashes his cum all over Tomy´s face, then slurps it all right back up.

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