Gianni Maggio & Angel Garcia
Gianni Maggio and Angel Garcia

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Ibiza, island of the sea, full of passion and boundless lust. Muscle Daddy Gianni Maggio feels this piece of Earth is the fulfillment of his dreams. Here he can get fresh innocent meat every day!
He stands naked in the dunes and masturbates while he waits for a guy from the beach to discover him.

Today it is Angel Garcia, who squats down in front of Gianni and lets his fat cock disappear into his mouth immediately. The bearded Angel stuffs the monster so deep in the throat that spit threads run long over the shaft. Angel's swallows the shaft all the way down the back of his neck. He licks, sucks until it brings tears to his eyes. Gag noises that he makes turn Gianno on more and more. Like a terminator he rams his huge meat hook again and again in the Spaniard's face. Angel's innocent face is injected full of his own cock, with bold slaps on the cheek for good measure.

Gianni is continuing his awesome game and now focuses on the ass of his opponent. After a few a few tongue strokes to his hole he shoves him sperm bolt in a shock in the hot ass. Gob once from above the hole and on you go. Piece by piece he expands the tight cunt as Gianni drives the raw cock deeper in the hole. There is only one way that hole can have the meat stick deeper in it. So he sits astride on the killer cock and rides his ass until it finally drowns the Pink Pussy hole in sperm.

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