Misha, JP, Sam and Tony
Misha, JP, Sam and Tony

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It's been a long time since Misha Dante has worked for Cazzo. He was here in Berlin and visited the old studios. In the place of his past sexual exploits, he gives in to his fantasies and masturbates his cock. Out of nowhere suddenly appears the blonde JP Dubois and his friend Sam Barclay licking Dante's cock until the first juice runs. Dante is now on his knees and sucks the two young cocks until drool runs from the corners of his mouth. Unnoticed Italian stud Tony arrives watching the horny scene.

Under the greedy eye of Tony, JP licks plump ass until his friend is fuck-willing ... Tony wants to not only watch but have Dante's ass on his face. The pussy must be licked soft! Sam now has enough of the foreplay and will guide JP circumcised Dick into his steaming hole. Dante also brings his hairy ass in the game. JP pulls his cock out of his friend's ass and takes the ass cheeks of Dante and pounding him deep in the wide-open ass. After an animalistic fuck, the trio squirts on Dante until his entire upper body is covered with sperm. And then they disappear and Dante is all alone in the Studio. Was it all just a dream?

The gay porn video starring Misha Dante, JP Dubois, Sam Barclay and Tony Milano is online at CazzoClub on 11.06.15.

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