Sex Pigs
Sex Pigs

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The plot behind SEX PIGS centers around a drug dealer ring that produces a new sex drug and tries it out on attractive young guinea pigs. Tim Vinzent, star of the Cazzo skinhead series Skin Gang and SEX SKINS, plays one of the prisoners. He and the black Englishman, David Daniels, were certainly one of the dream couples on the set. Witty, horny, and pumping to the last minute- that’s what makes porn shoots so much fun! This is Tim Vinzent's finest moment.

The surprise discovery of the shoot was Andreas Stich (bONKING bERLIN bASTARDS) who shows star quality for the first time. Easy-going and charming, fuck-friendly and with unbelievable staying power, he captivated the team, and, of course, his film partner. Sparks flew right away between Andreas and the sweet little Frenchman Rick.

Mike French (UNTER MÄNNERN) delivers sex of the harder variety. And new talent Stefan takes it from him hard but with heart. In the old factory hall the two slither and roll on old tires and onto the floor, where they end totally exhausted. How nice that suddenly a storm breaks and a hole in the roof lets the rains douse them in a refreshing shower.

Surely Leo and Uwe delivered the most unusual scene in the film. The two are also a couple off-screen. For the first time on camera these two presented, with intense concentration and expertise, their love of cock and ball training, dildos and fist fucking; and they show us everything you can do with a vacuum pump!