Aj Alexander vs Max Duro vs Mark Foxx Part 2

Aj Alexander vs Max Duro vs Mark Foxx

To intensify the lust factor AJ has invited his buddy Mark Foxx. Mark is a blonde German who is tall, muscular and giant ass.
AJ and Max put Mark in the middle and pull him in with relish. Max can't wait until he is on his knees and shoves the German's rock hard cock into his mouth. His licking will be more and more greedy until finally AJ offers his tail. Like a greedy whore, Max pushes one meat club after the other into his wide open face. Now AJ is going to get on his knees, but the big cock is too big for his little suckling mouth. He almost gives up, but he didn't count on Max who pulls his mouth with his hands and shoves it on the German shank. centimeters by centimeters, the hard flesh drills into his mouth until he begins to drool. Like in a trance, he swallows the shaft to the base. The drool runs to him left and right all over his face. AJ and Max now have enough of the foreplay. They pop the German to the ground and while Max pushes his hairy tail deep into his throat, AJ hammers him into the unhaired ass. The blonde guy gets stuffed on both sides until he doesn't know what he's called. But also Max's Cunt wants to be climbed so AJ rams him the lust butt in the warm ass. The kinky team game repeatedly changes the hot positions until AJ and max her sperm load proudly into the sweaty ass.