Alberto Esposito vs Devian Rogue 3

Alberto Esposito vs Devian Rouge

At the end of a hot day with lots of sun and sperm, Alberto and Devian still do not have enough and arrive at the Berlin Connection club. There, a driving house-beat keeps the guests happy, but before Alberto and Devian even think about dancing, they unpack their fat cocks and suck each other's holes ready to fuck. Bearded stallion Alberto does wait long and rams the muscle-skin his bare cock into the greedy cunt. In front of all the guests, the two put an epic Party fuck, so into each other that they forget everything around them. Alberto pulls his cock out of the cunt and shoves it Devian's mouth, letting the horny pig know what his own ass tastes like. Devian gives a spontaneous fisting and sends Alberto into total ecstasy. The tails are rock hard, and so they will continue to fuck each other in ground and bottom. The dance floor can wait.