Alexx Stier & Florian Hagan

alexx and florian
Upload: 31.03.2016 18 minutes

Mega pig Alexx Stier and German Florian Hagen meet in the trendiest fetish store in downtown Berlin. Florian notes that Alexx is equipped with a huge cock in the locker room. His greed increases immeasurably. He wants that bare cock in his ass.
Since Alexx lives not far away from the shop they head there and first get fucking in bed. But for Florian this is not enough. The exhibitionist horny pig wants to be fucked at an open window while under him the people shop, unsuspecting, at the market. The whole thing makes the German filth rat so horny that he sweats and the sweat drips from his body. Finally, Florian ejects his cum over the hardened chest his fucker. Alexx gleefully licks up the smeared cream.