Florian Hagen, Paco Pedraza & Pietro del Toro

Pietro, Paco and Florian
Upload: 14.04.2016 21 minutes

The cum hungry German Florian Hagen is always on the lookout for bulging cocks.
At the porn cinema Jaxx, he wanders through the corridors until he meets two Spanish pigs. Pietro del Torro, a hungry Spaniard leaves his buddy Paco and puts his juicy cock through the gloryhole to greet Florian's Germanic face.

A blow job is not enough and Pietro can no longer wait and goes to start hammering the Berlin fucker in the asshole. It's not long until the left behind Paco discovers the two in the cabin. Greedily he is on his knees and sucks cock dripping with ass juice. The incredible taste on the lips making him hornier and hornier. Now he wants to get his ass stuffed.

Obediently, he pierces the Asscunt of his buddy, until it no longer holds out and Paco and Florian injects the cum in his face. While the cream from his mouth runs the German he thinks again about the next fuck.