Josh Meza vs Ashley Ryder

Josh Meza vs Ashley Ryder
Upload: 05.10.2017 27 minutes

Ashley Ryder has set himself a goal to seduce all the world's hottest guys.
During his vacation on the Spanish island of Sitges he meets the hot stallion Josh. In the car he unashamedly stuffs his fat cock into his mouth. Macho Josh pushes the big meat so hard in Ashley's greedy throat that almost keeps the air away. He drags him out of the car onto the dunes by the sea, and fucks him so deeply into the mouth that Ashley's tears rise in his eyes. Josh knows no mercy. He uses Ashley's mouth as a playing field for his dominance and fucks him so hard until the spit runs out of the throat. Ashley can't wait. He wants to be fucked. Now. Josh likes fulfill his wish, grabs his plump ass cheeks, shoves his monster cock into the hairy asshole and shagging him throughly.
But everyone who knows Ashley knows that the fun has only just begun. He willingly puts himself on his back and presents his master with his willing hole. Josh recognizes the signs immediately and shoves his hand into the gaping crevice. He fists him according to all the rules of art until the warm cunt opens more and more and the hand dives even deeper. While Josh is getting tougher and finally shoving two fists in his ass, Ashley squirts. Josh puts his cock in the gaping ass and shoots him the hot sperm deep into the intestine.