Michael Selvaggio & Michael Duncan

Michael and Michael
Upload: 21.04.2016 21 minutes

The Dutch tourist pig Michael Selvaggio is making the most of his trip to Berlin by enjoying days of continuous fucking culture. He wanders through the city and admires the historic buildings during which he ignores the horny guys. After days full of fucking, he finally wants to experience Berlin's culture. As he passes the Reichstag he sees something that takes his breath away, however. A hung bastard is sitting in his car and spanking his meat for all to see.

The temptation is too great. They must get filthy. Michael leads Michael Duncan to his hotel room, where an impressive dildo collection awaits for the two.

Duncan goes to his knees and squishes Michael's cock into his mouth. Quickly things turn out that Duncan is a passive submissive pig.
Now it is his hole. Michael rams the car fucker with his bare meat hammering brutally his hole to enlarge the cunt. When the cunt lips are farther and farther open brings Michael the dildo collection and abused the poor asshole of his sacrifice. The pulsating meat pussy is open wider and wider with each dildo.