Original Adventures DVD

The XXL Pack series with Cazzo classics continues: AUTHENTIC ADVENTURES and ORIGINAL OPTIONS are the first two skinhead and S/M films by director Hans Peter Hagen that decisively influenced Cazzo’s image. Authentic Adventures Paint ball – army gear – rubber – chains – fisting – mud: skinhead men hunt each other around an abandoned barracks compound and mercilessly take the sex that they need. They’re hard men having hard sex, and the mud fuck finale wrote porn history. With Thom Barron and Jens Hammer The response to “Authentic Adventures” was so huge director Hans Peter Hagen soon got back to work on realising his S/M fantasies with a follow-up film, ORIGINAL OPTIONS. The Berlin skinhead couple Andre and Marc – also seen in Authentic Adventures – play the leading roles. Original Options Andre plunges into an underground world of bizarre sex rituals – punishment, reward and submission. A rabble of completely piggy skinheads knows no limits! Marc, who’s pulling the strings in the background, achieves his ultimate goal in the end – naked, and hanging from his feet upside down, he gets to enjoy Andre’s brutal abuse. Extensive fisting scenes, boxing, fetters, branding – take a hard second thought about whether you really want to see this film!

198 minutes – 2 discs

Starring: Marc , Andre , Andreas , Dirk , Jan , C.H.Thom Barron, Jens Hammer, Leeroy , Andre , Marc , Henning Pink.