Christian Herzog
Christian Herzog

Christian grew up on the banks of the romantic Goldapa River in faraway Masuria. From there he ended up in Bremen’s theater and film scene. It wasn't that far from the stage to the Cazzo screen.

Christian prepared for his Cazzo debut with extensive gym workouts and cycling. Although Christian is more the shy type in private, he drops all reticence when the cameras are rolling and lets his partners in the way a resilient bottom should. The great thing about filming with him is that he’s always in a good mood and he’s game for anything. His willingness to try things out knows no bounds. In Model Check, he gets plowed by Dominik to the point of exhaustion; in Fanatics, with Fred Faurtin, he plays a gay skinhead who’s curious about what a thick cock up his ass would feel like; and in Männerlager, he’s the boy toy who gets broken in by Thierry Lamasse and Rocco Banks.

When Christian’s not spending time at the gym, he likes to listen to heavy metal. His favourite vacation includes motorcycling with a guy around the Masurian Lakes. Christian knows exactly what he wants: His dream man is six feet tall with blue eyes, a masculine personality and a defined body; he’s well hung of course and financially secure. Christian would give anything for a doctor with a yacht and a million-dollar smile – no question!

Versaut 2 Ryan Alexander and Christian Herzog
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Hard Play Christian Herzog and Dolan Wolf
28.03.2013 18 minutes

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Cruising Christian, Race and Tyson Taylor
03.03.2012 22 minutes

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Nasty Nightmares Ben Taylor and Christian Herzog
05.11.2009 21 minutes

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Mannerlager Christian, Thierry und Rocco Banks
13.08.2009 13 minutes

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