Marcel Schlutt
Marcel Schlutt

Marcel is truly a jack-of-all-trade, a man who cannot be pigeonholed. He is a fully qualified horse groom, works as a model, emcee, author, photographer, actor and porn actor. He was born in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania in the countryside and currently lives in Berlin. He hopes one day to live in the town that makes even Berlin look like a child rubbing the sleep out of its eyes, New York City.

Marcel showed an early interest for porn and erotica. At 15 he decided that he wanted to be in a porn film and by 18 had already undressed in front of cameras for the first time. He achieved a certain notoriety as a moderator for a gay erotic/lifestyle program and through a casting show for heterosexual porno stars on Beate Uhse TV.

Whether acting - as in Gefangen - or having sex for the cameras - as seen in SEX KLINIK or EINGELOCHT - you can see that he thoroughly enjoys himself and performing. He reports that his hottest sex to date was with his boyfriend, a cameraman also working in the porn industry, in an airport bathroom. Suddenly the long wait times don't seem so boring and 'upright position' takes on a whole new meaning.

Marcel enjoys men in all their diversity, although he admits that well-hung black men make him especially weak in the knees! But the most important things for Marcel in all things male are respect and honesty.

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