Milan Gamiani
Milan Gamiani

A killer smile, masculine, charismatic, hot body and a big dick – say hello to Milan Gamiani. This guy is Cazzo's limelight hog! Milan's appearance in Berlin Privat 6 was his warm-up for Cazzo Film. He was so convincing we gave him a part in “dot.cum – the online sex report” so that he can prove how hot a Latin lover he really is! He works up a sexy sweat showing his friend Lucas Knowles how to really get it going in the world of online dating. For Christmas 2007 Milan will again be giving his fans something to sweat about in the new film Homopunk (coming 01 December 2007). He plays a stylist who first dresses his horny models only to then undress them and use them for his pleasure.

At the age of 12 Milan actually wanted to be an architect. He worked as an event manager and interior decorator before he started working in porn. But first Milan had to discover his attraction to men! Describing himself he says, “First I was hetero, then bisexual. In between I was married and have two kids – it took all that to become the cocksucking, deep-throating, ass fucker that I am today.” He currently lives in Barcelona, enjoys working out at the gym, loves going diving and rides a Jet Ski with gusto. But Milan is actually a bit of a homebody. He’s a great cook and enjoys making dinner for his friends, loves cuddling up in bed to watch a good DVD and takes care of the thousands of plants on his terrace. He’s been working a small Gaudi-style fountain for it since 2005!

Milan finds muscular, hairy legs, low-hanging balls and a thick, ever-hard cock a real turn-on. He loves his men Nordic, muscular and blond. But even more important is that a man have “a good heart”! At the moment Milan is looking for a Mr. Gamiani. “I need a dependable, strong and positive person at my side.” If that isn’t reason enough to go to Barcelona, we don’t know what is!

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