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During a raid on a subterranean bunker a SWAT team runs amok. They show the prisoners no mercy! A gay porn in real Cazzo style.

A SWAT team runs amok as they raid a subterranean bunker. Jan traps blond Billy and fucks his bubble butt with his rock‐hard cock. Buff Max takes out his buddy’s dick. Max whimpers with pleasure, when the black stallion thrusts his tool deep into his guts. Florian is interrogated by two henchmen, Kris and Lucas. They show him no mercy, plugging both his roles until he shoots his load. And then they cover him with their own man juice. Justin’s buddy really goes wild when Justin sticks his billy‐club up his hole alongside his cock. And once he’s nearly worn that hole out, Justin’s hand slips in easily.

BUNKER features quite a few new faces. Gay porn star Billy Berlin, blond and German, already has an impressive gay porn career behind him, but this is his Cazzo debut. He and brawny fucker Jan Forman are BUNKER’s dream team. Jan returns to the screen after a hiatus and is also making his Cazzo debut.
Florian Hagen, lean, rugged and German, shows in his Cazzo debut just how much he can take. Justin Kentin and Maxence, both Frenchmen, are a couple offscreen and had, as can be seen, a lot of fun in their porn debut. Newcomer Victor is a Brazilian native who lives in Berlin. His enormous cock just demands to be filmed! Latin stud Max Schutler and Afro‐Frenchman Gerald Jaguar prove they have what it takes as buff power bottoms in top form. In his second outing, indefatigable cocksman Kris Anderson (from the US) qualifies for a gay porn career.

Billy Berlin + Jan Forman
Billy is hiding in an underground bunker that gets raided by a SWAT team. Jan, the team leader, chases Billy down the corridors until there’s nowhere left to go. Billy is trapped. But before the cop turns in his handsome blond prisoner, he helps himself to a piece of him first. Jan really gets turned on when he sees Billy’s muscular body revealed under his tattered clothing. Jan gives Billy such a good working‐over with his rock‐hard cock that Billy gets hooked. After getting his bubble butt fucked until it’s tender, Billy sits on Jan‘s cock and rides it until they shoot their loads.

Max Schutler (Roboter) + Victor
When the rest of their unit suddenly disappears, Max and Victor seize the opportunity to do what they’ve always wanted to: Fuck! Victor puts down his rifle and takes the big black gun out of his pants. His buddy Max is amazed: "It’s even bigger than I thought." He can barely get the monster cock down his throat. Max's little butt is well broken in. Max whimpers with pleasure when the black stallion thrusts his tool deep into his guts. Mission accomplished!

Florian Hagen,Kris Anderson + Lucas Knowles
Florian is taken prisoner by Kris and Lucas and must service their cocks. They take turns shoving their dicks deep into his throat. Then they plug both his holes at the same time. Lucas fucks him first. But Kris takes it all the way: He rams his monster cock harder and harder between Florian’s butt cheeks until Florian shoots a heavy load. To top things off, Kris and Lucas slather him from head to toe with their man juice.

Justin Kentin + Maxence
Maxence and Justin have guard duty in the bunker. To pass the time, brawny Justin pulls out his dick and sticks it in his buddy’s mouth. That's what Maxence has been waiting for. He greedily swallows the cock deep down his throat. His butt is itching for cock too. Max rides Justin, ramming his rod into his hole. But Max really goes wild when Justin sticks his billy‐club up his hole alongside his cock. Once he’s nearly worn that hole out, Justin can easily slip his hand right in. With his manhandling of Max’s ass, Justin drives him to fire off a thick load before shooting his own onto Max’s hairy chest.

Gerald Jaguar (Echt Geil) + Robin Fanteria
Gerald, a buff black stud, gets caught jerking off by Rob. Gerald is not just stunning, but a thirsty cocksucker as well. He’s curious about what the brawny guy is packing and quickly unbuttons Rob’s pants. But as good as Gerald is at giving head, Rob is hot for his little bubble butt. He greedily rims Gerald’s crack and sticks his tongue in his hole. Bendy Gerald sits on Rob‘s thick cock and rides it hard.

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Bunker Justin Kentin and Maxcene
14.10.2010 21 minutes

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Bunker Kris Anderson, Lucas Knowles and Florian Hagen
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Bunker Dimitri Leskow, Miguel Martinez and Kieron
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Bunker Max Schutler and Victor
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