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Rubber, leather, fisting, dildos, S&M, transes and tattoos: Look elsewhere for vanilla sex. This is gay HARDCORE porn!

These guys are hardcore: Joe hits on a big-breasted lady. But this lady’s got a cock and uses it to fuck him good and hard. Muscle stud Harley brings out the pig in Frank: punches, sounds stuck into his cock, fucking, dildos, fisting.

A tattooed skinhead masochist like Frank is happy to take it all. Sylvain is a cutie with a power ass. When Geoffrey rams his muscular arm deeper and deeper into his body, he goes nuts. Michael’s been around the block a few times, too. He lets two guys plug his hole.

Danni Daniels + Joe Gunner
Joe hits on a pretty lady on the street, who not only has a great rack, but a thick cock as well. And she uses it to fuck him hard. But even that’s not enough for her. She wants the son-of-a bitch to suffer and shoves her fist up his asshole. The one and only Danni Daniels from New York is worthy of the honor of being the first trans top in a Cazzo porn film.

Geoffrey Paine + Sylvain Lyk
Curly, brown-haired Sylvain is a cute little pig. He loves opening his mouth and his ass for a big dick and Geoffrey is just his type: butch. But when Geoffrey gets hands-on, Sylvain really gets turned on. Planting his greedy power ass on that muscular arm, he rams it harder and harder into his body.

Harley Everett + Frank Pig
Frank Pig needs it rough. Muscle stud Harley likes to bring out the pig in him: Wearing an inflatable balloon mask, his head gets used as a speed bag by Harley. And on it goes: punches, sounds stuck into his cock, fucking, dildos, fisting. A tattooed skinhead masochist like Frank is happy to take it all with only a grunt.

Alessandro, Ruben Litzky, Michael Rybakov
After baldy pig Ruben has sucked Alessandro, the two buddies do a tag team on cute Micha. Although he looks innocent, he’s been around the block a few times. He lets them both plug his hole right away, first with their cocks, then with dildos and then with their four fists. Hallelujah!

Leeroy + Tyson Tylor
Tyson would look stunning anyway, but even more so when he puts on blue rubber pants. And they look their best when Tyson is whipping out his long black dick. In a motorcycle repair shop, he props his fuck buddy Leeroy, also in rubber, up on a grease rack. Only his ass is exposed for use. Tyson tongues the hole open and starts in fucking it. He slides his hand deep into the dark hole after lubing it up with black motor oil. Leeroy will be familiar to loyal Cazzo fans. The Berlin sexpert returns to us after a long hiatus – together with Cazzo discovery Tyson.

Krass Tyson Tyler and Leeroy Lellek
07.06.2012 16 minutes

Tyson looks stunning anyway - especially in his swanky blue rubber pants. And that is best appreciated when Tyson gets his long black tail out... <br>Read more

Krass Alessandro, Michael Rybakov and Ruben Litzky
17.05.2012 25 minutes

Devote Micha witnesses sleazy Alessandro urinating on the tattooed skin Ruben from the top to the bottom. More then everything else Micha needs... <br>Read more

Krass Frank and Harley Everett
26.04.2012 26 minutes

Frank is a tough bloke, tattooed and really manly. Nevertheless, he is a fully submissive rubber pig. Macho fucker Harley Everett takes over... <br>Read more

Krass Geoffrey Paine and Sylvain Lyk
12.04.2012 20 minutes

In an old factory, Sylvain has attached himself to a crane, the legs up and the ass wide open. Geoffrey has to push this living fuck toy into... <br>Read more

Krass Danni Daniels and Joe Gunner
29.03.2012 20 minutes

Trans Sex at CazzoClub. Construction worker Joe hooks up with sleazy, girlish Danni. Unfortunately for Joe: during their date the horny slut... <br>Read more