Hard Play Ale Tedesco, Race Cooper and Sylvain Lyk
Ale Tedesco, Race Cooper & Sylvain Lyk

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The depraved sex freaks Ale and Race work over hottie Sylvain, who’s just as nasty as they are, letting them use him as they please. First, Ale and Race spit all over Sylvain’s face. Then, after face-fucking him, they plug both his holes at the same time.

But Sylvain can take even more and gets on an examination chair, where Race shoves his forearm up his ass. Ale gets jealous and ends up in the middle of a sandwich, fisting Sylvain while Race does the same to him. Then Sylvain turns the tables on them, working both his arms into their holes at the same, until Ale and Race whimper for mercy. These three pigs are totally out-of-control!

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