Gianni Maggio, Tommy, Versapig, Max Duro & Dakota Sky

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Every year during the fetish week in Maspalomas, the pigs of Europe gather on the island of Gran Canaria.
Here you get everything you need: hearty fuck and fist sessions, mass mouth-fucks and lots of fetish. Everyone gets what he needs and in every corner asses are pleasured.
Max Duro´s fetish is to push as many cocks as possible into his greedy mouth. First up Gianni Maggio, an Italian pig with killer dick.
Tommy is an experienced Fister and finds in Versapig the perfect victim for his pussy-opener games. He pushes the hand in first and then the forearm smacks the intestine.
Gianni has now found the next pig. Dakota Sky is a blond angel with a dirty appetite. He can be jacked up by the Italian and fucked until his pink cunt glows. The beating in the greedy Fickarsch is pounding harder and deeper.
Max is in the Deepthroat sky in the meantime. Five magnificent pigs and five magnificent tails slide one after the other into his dripping slime mouth. Until finally his ass is his turn.
This fetish week is really a gigantic Fuckparty.

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