Hugh Hunter and Hans Berlin
Hugh Hunter & Hans Berlin

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It doesn't have to always be in Germany. On a roof somewhere in New York sucks the tattooed Hugh Hunter on the German piston of Hans Berlin. Glory boy Hans shoves his cock deep in the throat until the hairy pig has drool running from the mouth of his beard.
Fearing that their animal moans will alert the neighbours, both retire eventually to Hans's room. They are there for not even three seconds until the blonde short hair pig Hans is on the knee deepthroating Hugh.
Hans jumps on the bed and presents his white butt and pink pussy lips to the bearded bastard. Hugh tongue digs into the ass channel, he spits into the hole and lubricates it fully with spit. Now Hugh puts the blonde German's cock in his mouth and tries hard swallow him. Out of gratitude, Hugh pulls apart his pussy and thrusts his fingers in the willing flesh to make it ready to fuck.
When he finally hammering with his juice monster in the ass the fuck that is celebrating a German-American Association is sealed with a fountain of sperm.

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