Sommerloch - Peto Coast, Lucio Saint and Edward Fox
Peto, Lucio & Edward

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A hot Summer’s day in Berlin. The two outdoorsy guys Peto and Lucio have set up their tent in the woods and the sultry heat makes them horny as hell. Their fat morning wood cry out for a "good morning fuck"! While Lucio pushes Peto‘s swollen cock down his throat, big dicked Edward comes around the corner and nothing will get in the way these three kicking off a kinky threesome. Lucio is happy to be the meat in the middle of this big dick sandwich. Edward and Peto fuck in a frenzy and use Lucio’s hairy juice box alternately until all three squirts of hot juice everywhere!

The gay porn video starring Peto Coast, Lucio Saints and Edward Fox is online at CazzoClub on 05.08.14.

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