Tex Davidson & Alberto Esposito

Tex Davidson and Alberto Esposito

A normal morning in Berlin shortly before the Hustlaball.
The racy Spaniard Alberto Esposito sits with his buddies at breakfast. Instead of worrying about the food he has already an eye on the American sitting next to him, TeX Davidson. Superhunk TeX reacts immediately and frees his juice filled cock out of its pants jail. Irrespective of the rest of the group Alberto is on his knees and blowing the stick hard. The Spaniard pushes the cock into his mouth. TeX is the perfect macho who pushes his cock deep and smacks him hard in the face with his meaty beast. Deeper and harder he pushes the cock til Alberto is gagging on TeX's shaft.
They leave the room and TeX grabs Alberto's head shoving it deeper down his throat. Alberto yells "It's Big" TeX giant hand finally shoves his bare cock in his pink ass lips. Then with great skill he fists the ass of his kneeling stud. The asshole is worked hard in order to absorb the giant fist.

TeX now broadens his dominance even further. With a leather whip, he brutally beats his victims on the chest and back and forces him to say thank you. Alberto is greedy with every stroke.

TeX now makes the Spaniard go now to the ground, his legs above the head as he shoves his cock back in his mouth. Again he digs his tattooed hand between Alberto's glowing meat lips and pushing his rosette. The other buddies watch in a circle around them jerking off as the Rosebud from the Spanish ass moves. To the final, the buddies spray their jizz sauce on the bulging open ass entrance while TeX's mighty hand continues to work spit in the hole.

At the conclusion Alberto lies on the couch and is ready to finally go to the Hustlaball.