Marco Blaze
Marco Blaze


Marco grew up in the countryside outside of Buenos Aires, Argentina. There wasn’t much for a teenager to do in that tiny rural town except dream about men and adventure in the big city of Buenos Aires. After high school, Marco’s wishes came true. He moved to the big city, studied dance at drama school and made up for all the lost time of his youth. He travelled the world and found himself one day standing in front of the door to Cazzo studios, to realize his dream of becoming a porn star.

In Fanatics, Marco plays a horny teammate who needs to let off some steam after a training session; in Notgeil (Sex-starved) he’s a member of a gang of fetish pigs; and in Pizza Cazzone, he gets a good pounding from Latino stud Jean Franko.

Marco comes equipped with everything you need for this job: masculine good looks and a worked-out body, a big heart, a big dick and an ever cheerful disposition. On the set, Marco is everybody’s darling, charming and attentive.

Marco currently lives in London, where he is pursuing a second university degree. And of course Marco occasionally makes an appearance in the world of porn.

Cazzo Solos
02.03.2017 30 minutes
Pizza Cazzone Jean Franko and Marco Blaze
30.07.2009 13 minutes

Macho grease monkey Jean Franko has his colleague; Marco Blaze, rim his hole before hammering him over the oil barrel.<br>Read more

Fanatics Marco Blaze, Fabio Costa and Wagner
22.10.2009 15 minutes

After winning a match on the soccer field Marco Blaze rewards his teammate Fabio with some flavour from his juicy dick and tasty hole ...<br>Read more

Notgeil Marco Blaze, Jordan and Yenier
22.04.2010 13 minutes

In this three-way Jordan Fox likes to dish it out hard Marco Blaze and Yenier stuff each others’ Latino holes and get their fill from Jordon.... <br>Read more